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Celebrating Women through Art & Connection

As I gracefully (sometimes) move into my more mature years, I am learning everyday to appreciate what it truly means to be a Woman. It's a life of Seasons, Self Discovery & Acceptance.

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My Inspiration

What is it to be a Woman? What makes us special? Looking back over my own journey, I’ve been a little princess in tutus, a young woman unable to achieve societal perfection, a Wife & Mother when suddenly life became about everyone else but me to an Empty Nester wondering where did the last 20 years go and ‘who am I now?’ Looking back I am realising how special women are. We are Warriors, Lovers, Nurturers, Protectors. The world needs more of that. Women also need each other. Women supporting women just works!

I urge you to step into your own magnificence and own every part of yourself. Express yourself fully and be proud of what you are capable of and have already achieved. 

Cherie Medway Art

Past & Present Collaborations

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