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Do you recognise yourself in any of these Ladies? The truth is they are all representative of things I have felt as a woman. Whenever I exhibit there is always a sense of quiet strength in the room. Like they are inspiring us to stand strong and united and that it is totally ok to acknowledge just how much we have already endured and achieved in our lives. 

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Transcendence I II and III

These stunning ladies arrived during the height of the Pandemic disruptions. We were living in Melbourne and were watching everything we had worked for disappear and our 2 teenagers were not coping. I was a wife & mother and needed to dig deep to support everyone. The one way I could do that was to surrender and go within. I had to Transcend the chaos and find my Inner Peace


Thistle & Fern I - VIII

Women wear your Crowns with pride. Inspired by a local florist called Thistle & Fern who do the most divine floral arrangements I just couldn't resist turning them into Head Dresses. A perfect representation of the Peaceful Warrior Goddesses that we are.




She is both the light and the dark. She reminds us to embrace and own all of the parts of our personalities not just the so called agreeable ones. We are complex creatures and that is part of what makes us special. Our minds can multi task we are amazing at solving complex problems and we are allowed to have emotions like everyone else. In fact when used to our advantage they are a super power. Embrace ALL of yourself.



When I thought about the different phases our lives go through as woman I couldn't think of a better representation than a Butterfly. They literally go from caterpillar to mush to beautiful Butterfly. I am proud of how women can handle extreme pressure. We are so resilient. Just getting on with it. It's not always pretty but if I was in a crisis I would definitely want a woman in my corner!

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